But are you ready for it?

There’s definitely something about the autumnal weather that makes you feel cosy and warm, it could just be the torrential rain outside but still warmth and a glass of your favourite is welcomed.

With the season switching with a blink of an eye, we’re slowly taking our jumpers and boots back out of the wardrobe and the summer clothes are now slowly being squished to the sides.

We know we’re not going to see the sun for another 8 months, so pack these clothes up, store them safely and let your wardrobe breathe or make space for new guilty buys. Here’s some tips on how to pack your clothes away safely:

Find a Safe Place to Store

First, let’s think about where you’re going to store away your clothing. The last thing you want is to pack everything away to put it back into your wardrobe – but in a box. Think about places like the attic, underneath beds in spare rooms or even consider a storage company (boom! Marketing, we know, but at least we’re upfront – just like our costs. Sorry). As long as your clothes are in a humid safe environment and sealed correctly, they’ll come back to you just as you left them.


The best thing to do next would be to get all your summer clothes out (eek!) and organise them. You can do this by colour, type of clothing or whatever method you prefer – the world’s your oyster.

There are a few benefits to doing this.

1)     You know exactly what’s in your wardrobe and if that vest or shirt that you’ve had for 6 years but never worn appears again, then you might decide to de-clutter your closet – making even more space!

2)      If you need to take anything out then you’ll know exactly what storage container it will be in.

3)      It is easier to place back in your wardrobe so you don’t have to deal with a chaotic wardrobe organising session again.

Wash and Dry Properly

This may seem obvious, but we can’t stress how washing and drying your clothes properly matters. Even if you haven’t worn it and it’s been sitting in your wardrobe for a while, it will still collect dirt and dust. By washing and drying you’re making sure that no dirt and so mould will grow in the storage container.

Pack properly

This step can be a lifesaver if you have lots of clothes. We suggest the folding and rolling method, this method allows you to place your clothes in a systematic organised way and it also means you’ll be able to add a lot more clothes in. If you’re more pedantic then you could always try this out


However, if you don’t have time on your hands we suggest just folding the clothes. This will help when you need to get to that one top as well as when you’re having to unpack when summer comes … eventually.

Choose the right storage container

We always recommend investing in a good storage container. Vacuum sealed bags will save you lots of space or sturdy plastic boxes which can be used for many years. Both will protect your clothes much better than the cheaper option of cardboard boxes.

After this, store them in the chosen place and you’re free to not think about them for the next 8 months, unless of course, you need those neon retro shorts for a party – it happens to the best of us.