There has been much talk on Twitter recently about Mobile Self Storage – especially in the world of Self Storage across the pond.

Everyone who has a storage pod delivered to their door is blown away by how easy and convenient it is – and cannot understand why anyone would bother hiring a van, loading the van, driving to a warehouse, trolleying up and down corridors and returning the van – just to get your goods into a storage unit! The problem seems to be that not many people in the UK realise there is another way. And the reasons are simple:


Unlike other storage companies, mobile storage units are stacked and stored in state of the art racking systems – inside a warehouse with 24/7 security alarms, monitoring systems and CCTV. With method of storing, only the Warehouse Manager has access to the aisles – so there’s no one wondering up and down outside your unit at all hours, with only a padlock protecting your goods. This also means you’re not paying a premium on your rental for brightly lit corridors that you don’t need.

Customer Convience

With a removals company or traditional storage unit, you might know (or they might tell you) how much space you need. You have to make a decision on a guess – put a deposit down and end up paying for more space than you actually need, or even end up with a nasty bill after realising you have more stuff than you thought. Let’s face it, nobody knows what they have until it’s all packed up to be moved to your new home. But with Mobile Self Storage, the units are practical pods, and are brought to your property one at a time. You can then add/remove the space as you wish, you can load in hour or take a whole day, even spread the loading over a week if you like. In other words, you control how your storage works.


Keeping things so simple means there are no contracts to sign, no need to leave your home, no deposits or padlocks, and no long notice periods if you need your things back. Access is free and also super easy, as your storage pod can be parked right by your vehicle, for easy access and even easier loading.