So, what can actually fit into one of our 35 sq ft containers?

As a mobile storage provider, we come straight out to your address with our standard 35sq ft units. Need more space? Sure! We can simply provide you with more units.

We have come to realise that many customers are unaware of the space required for their items and so we thought we would eliminate that worry today.


Not sure of the storage space you need?

Option 1
- You can use our Space Calculator. This will allow you to either get an estimate of space based on the size of your home OR allow you to manually enter your itemised list into the system for a more accurate quote.

Option 2 - We created this video to give you an idea of what can fit into one of our self storage units:


Why not let us bring our units to your home, pack them for you and then bring your items back into storage?

Get a Quote today and let Kelly's do all the work for you!