It’s nearly the end of 2017 (What?) and for most of us, well, we haven’t attempted our new year’s resolution, we haven’t stuck to our healthy eating plan, and we certainly have not gone to the gym at least three times a week. But hey, there’s still some of the year left so let’s start something that will make you feel good for many years to come. Let’s make you some space.

Through the years we’ve all been guilty of ‘collecting’ items. A seashell from Cornwall? I’ll keep that along with my other 20,000 seashells and smooth black pebbles. A spare hoover in the cramped storage cupboard? Might need it just in case my main one breaks. Sound familiar?

The problem is, before you know it the lovely spacious house begins to look seemingly cramped and when the issue grows, the space in your home shrinks. 

It’s no good living your life like this old dear:

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And if you’re saying ‘I don’t want to risk throwing something out that might be valuable.’ You don’t have to. Simply store your sentimental goods, excess furniture and extra electrical items. Give them a second home for you to access when you need them – when that hoover eventually breaks.

We want you to get your life back and reclaim the space in your home and being honest, which picture do you prefer? And let’s not try to lie to ourselves, organised chaos is no longer a thing.


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Start your storage journey today, make a difference to your lifestyle and you never know 2018 may be your year to make all those promises happen – here’s to hoping.