Taking on a complete house refurbishment is an extremely rewarding task that gives you the opportunity to put your own stamp on a property and make it work for your needs. Many people taking on a project house, still need to live in the property while the work is undertaken, especially if you?’re doing most of the work yourselves. You can be more productive if you have plenty of space to work in. Empty rooms are much easier to work with, as opposed to having to work around unusable space in the middle of the room where all your furniture is stacked under dust sheets.

You can make your life a little less stressful by living in just one or two rooms and emptying the rest of the house into self storage. Living in a building site is hard work so lessen the worry by moving out large items of furniture, soft furnishings, suitcases full of clothes and so on. The dust and dirt created from building work has a habit of travelling throughout the house and giving everything a good coating. Storing items away will protect them from damage, which is particularly important if you have very expensive furniture or priceless antiques. You could even consider taking up the carpet and storing it away until the work is complete (if you?re not replacing it). This will save you the hassle of having it cleaned or constantly asking workmen to remove their boots.

Top tips for storing items when renovating

  • Remove hanging items from high traffic areas to avoid them being knocked off the wall and damaged or broken.
  • Carefully pack away ornaments and other breakables for the duration.
  • Pack framed items, such as pictures and mirrors, upright rather than flat and stick masking tape in the shape of an X over the glass to help prevent shattering.
  • Save space by removing legs from tables, arms from desk chairs, and so forth. The aim is to get everything as flat as possible so it takes up the least room in your self storage unit.
  • Carefully label your boxes and create an inventory as you go so when it comes to unpacking you know exactly what?s in each box.

With Kelly?s Mobile Self Storage you only pay for as much storage as you need, for as long as you need. If your renovations overrun, no problem.  We can hold your belongings for as long as you need. We have a choice of storage options. We are renowned for our mobile self storage where we drop a storage pod off at your address, collect it when full and take it away to store in our warehouse. At some of our locations, on-site storage is available. One of these self storage locations is Guildford. If you have the space, we can leave the storage pod at your address (on private land) so you can store and access items as and when needed, ideal for when you’?re working on the house evenings and weekends.