As the UCAS application deadline has been and gone, and you’re feeling prepared for the onslaught of coursework and exams on the horizon it might be a good time to consider how to go about packing up everything you own and carting it up the road (or across the country) to your university in September.

Here’s what you really need to take:

– Duvet
– Pillows
– Pop up laundry basket
– Photos, posters and ornaments (with plenty of Blu-tac to stick things on the wall)
– Mirror
– Iron & mini ironing board
– Coat hangers

– Bedding sets x2 (try and change these every two weeks!)
– Bath towels (x2 large and x2 small)
– Toiletries (shower gel, wash mitt, toothpaste, toothbrush etc.)
– Toilet roll (buy in bulk)
– Medicine (stomach settler tablets, Paracetamol,

– Cleaning equipment (sponges, washing up liquid, disinfectant wipes)
– Utensils and cutlery (take a corkscrew and become the hero of your flat)
– Chopping boards
– Sauce pans
– Dinner plates x2, side plates x2, bowls x2
– Glasses x4, mugs x2, and shot glasses
– Toaster (check with your University if this is okay to take – some state that all electrical items must be tested for use in communal areas)
– Washing powder and softener

Important documents
– UCAS University acceptance forms
– Student loan documents
– National Insurance Number
– Passport
– I.D Drivers License
– Bank details

– Clothes
– Shoes
– Fancy dress outfits
– Laptop
– Printer (expect everyone to ask to use it)
– Stationery (pens, pencils, notepads, highlighters, folders)
– Course books
– A sturdy bag to carry everything to seminars in

You won’t need:
– A TV – not for your first year anyway. You’ll be having far too much fun to sit around in front of it all evening, plus you can just use your laptop to watch programmes on catch up and DVDs.
– A car – there’s limited parking at most universities and many offer discount on or free public transport.

If you start gathering up boxes and bags now you should have plenty ready to use when it comes to boxing up all your belongings – or come to us for high quality packing boxes and materials that you can re use when you move out of halls and into a new house in your second year. Holiday suitcases with wheels are great for transporting clothes and washing baskets are also handy for carrying all your food up flights of stairs.

If you need to store any larger items when you move away – because your Dad might have plans to make your bedroom into a home office – then speak to us about storing your unused wardrobe and dressing table in one of our secure storage pods.