For a small business, the concept of expansion can seem daunting. Many fail early on simply because they do not allow themselves enough space to expand and grow. This space applies to both physical room in the office and also technology wise.

You need to think of your business in the most cliché way possible: like a seedling. It requires lots of attention and nurturing to encourage it to grow – as well as a pot big enough for its roots to move through to seek nutrients, for its steady progression. You don’t want to constrict yourself and inhibit your chances of development.

Say, for example, you want to add a new product range, but where on earth will you store it all? In your converted upstairs bedroom office? Your workspace is already cluttered with papers, current stock and packaging and your computer is somewhere in the midst of it all, downloading email after email…

It’s important that you take time to make some space and the easiest way to do so is to start storing your stock (if you sell a product) in another place, easily accessible but out of your way. We offer some clever storage solutions for every need but our mobile storage pod service is one of our most popular options. We deliver a storage pod to your door, which you can load up and have us take away to store ready for when you need it next.

Paper filing is something that takes up space and time, so set a day aside to transfer everything you have on paper onto your computer (and back it up on a memory stick or hard drive as well) to save you space and make those important invoices and documents etc. easier to find. You can also kick those filing cabinets out to make room for a nice lava lamp or a comfy chair. The important things!

However, this transition from paper to tech is also an important step when it comes to helping your business grow. You need to stay on top of advancements in technology, look relevant and appear in the know to customers – and it also makes things a lot easier for you.

Tablets and smartphones are also a great way of staying on top of things and ensuring you allow space for your business to grow. Being able to answer emails and calls on the go will ensure you never miss out on business and can be accessible at all times. Never allow yourself to be tied to your desk.

That’s why you should also consider getting out and about every now and then to work or meet with clients. Coffee shops are great, for example, because they usually offer free Wi-Fi and give you the chance to interact with potential customers in a pleasant environment – rather than over email or telephone.

Expanding your working space to other venues – also called third spaces – and meeting with people face to face will help grow your business as it offers customers the opportunity to see the people behind the work being done for them, which can in turn help to build trust and a better working relationship.

So, when it comes to giving your company room to grow, take some of these tips on board and watch as your business blossoms.