Temporary storage

With flexibility, minimal commitment, no contract and prices guaranteed for 12 months, there is no reason why you wouldn’t want to choose Kelly’s self-storage option to solve the need of your short term storage requirement whatever the cause.

At Kelly’s Self Storage, we believe that you should be able to take control of your storage needs and there are lot’s of circumstances where our temporary and short term self storage can come in handy!

Our self-storage facilities make life easier for many people in different circumstances with different requirements. Temporary self storage helps in a number of situations when you need a quick and efficient solution. We’ll pick up your belongings, store them and then bring them back to you and even to a different location if you ask us.


What is temporary self storage?


Many of us will need access to storage facilities at some stage in our lives, whether this be temporary/short term or long term storage. For many, we often associate self storage as a place where you can offload all of your possessions that have very little use but you just can't seem to find the courage to get rid of them. However, there are many reasons as to why people often opt for temporary storage. So what is it?


Short term self storage allows users to store their personal belongings on a short term basis. This can be helpful for a number of reasons. We can arrange storage that is for a set period of time, charged for weekly and even left open ended should you not know how long you may need to make use of it. Temporary self storage is designed with you in mind, to make sure you receive a cost effective space saving solution for the exact time needed.

How does our temporary self storage differ from our traditional self storage?


At Kelly’s Self Storage our temporary storage facilities operate in the same way as traditional self storage. Our temporary/short term self storage facility runs on a weekly charge basis with prices starting from £15/week. There is a minimum booking of 4 weeks but if you need your goods back sooner that’s not a problem and unlike other storage companies we are happy to guarantee your storage rate for 12 months.

Who is temporary/short term self storage for?


Temporary self storage is the solution to many situations and just about anyone would find it useful more than once in their lifetime - whether you are a university student, first time home buyer or a family looking for storage whilst you decorate, there are lots of potential situations, the following illustrates just some users of Short term self storage.

Storage for university students between terms

Every half term, summer or winter break, students have to consider what can only be described as the “biggest bane” ..the task of packing all of their belongings up and removing them from their halls of residence or student home - temporary self storage is the perfect solution to this dreaded task. At the beginning of the break students would choose to use their nearest Short term self storage facility to store their belongings for the required period, ultimately reducing the hassle, effort and quantity of stuff they would otherwise have had to pack and take home.

Storage for first time buyers

Being a first time homebuyer is an exciting venture, however we also know it can require a lot of time and effort and is stressful too. Lots of first time homebuyers like to buy new furniture and accessories for their new home but with completion dates not being guaranteed and space being minimal they often suddenly realise they don’t have space when they need it, (to store their purchases). Temporary self storage is the perfect solution, with the ability to hold a self storage unit on a short term basis it is ideal to store all of these newly bought belongings prior to moving into your new home.

Storage in-between moving house

Those of you who have moved house before know that it isn’t always plain sailing. Although everyone involved tries to make moving as stress-free as possible, your moving dates may not match up and recent trends show that many people sell their current property and use temporary rented accommodation until they find their next home. It’s in these cases that Short term storage is a hassle free solution! Read our top tips for moving home for more advice. 

Storage whilst going travelling

Are you preparing for a jetset lifestyle? Considering renting out your property whilst your away? Want the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed security? Whether travelling for a month, a year, or more, you may want to store your belongings temporarily so you know they are safe and you can make use of the otherwise occupied space, again temporary self storage is the answer.

So with minimal commitment, no contract and prices guaranteed for 12 months, if you’re a Student, Traveller, Homebuyer or Just in a bit of a jam, let Kelly’s Self Storage Short Term facility help you!