After many years of renting your winter sports equipment, you may have come to realise that buying and transporting your own personal equipment is in fact far more accessible than ever. It’s for that reason that more and more holidaymakers continue to invest in their own skiing and winter sports equipment that can be used year after year after year. All is well and good then, that is, when you’re in Verbier or Solden. But what about the rest of the year in Vauxhall or Surbiton per se?

If like many others, you have finally grown tired of renting outdated ski holiday gear and other winter sports equipment and instead ended up with so much equipment that you feel like Tony Stark on a skiing holiday, you may now be left wondering where best to store this equipment whilst out of season? Typically, winter sports equipment such as skis and snowboards are large and awkward to store. Not to mention the abundance of specialist clothing has little use outside of the resort.

Why use self-storage for out of season winter sports equipment?

For many of us, additional storage and spare room is a luxury we simply don’t have. If you’re lucky you may have a spare room, loft or garage to keep your equipment safe. You may also form part of the minority that haven’t already filled up every spare room with old fondue kits, fancy dress costumes, unused bicycles and enough cd’s to start your own record shop.

As for the rest of us, our precious remaining space has now been colonised by the ski gear. The thoughts of using the loft or spare room as anything other than a storage space have long since been banished. There are some key reasons to consider self-storage when you’re not using your winter sports equipment:

  • Kelly’s self storage is secure – we know this kind of equipment can be high value. At Kelly’s you get free peace of mind that your equipment is in safe hands.
  • Your equipment is safe – by storing your equipment in a small space, you risk damaging your equipment trying to clamber over it to access tight spaces. This could prove a costly mistake!
  • There’s potentially lots of it – It may not be just one set of skis or one pair of boots. If the whole family have equipment, you’ll use up a lot more space.
  • Its out of reach – if you have children or pets at home that can get access, it may get damaged. Self storage alleviates that risk.
  • We make storage easy – see if you can benefit from one of our mobile self storage pods – you won’t even have to leave the house!


Using self-storage for winter sports equipment

There is one solution, which doesn’t involve damaging your treasured equipment or losing your precious space. An increasingly popular choice for storing sports equipment is self storage, however many don’t realise this option even exists. We’re surprised that when surveyed, only 9% of respondents claim to have heard of self storage and know their options well.

For those who do know a bit about self-storage, the thought of it conjures up bleak images of van hire (or awkwardly calling your mate who you know owns a van but you haven’t spoken to in over a year) plus the unforgiving journey to a desolate industrial estate to drop everything off.

The easier option is to consider a Kelly’s Storage pod. We can drop a storage unit right to your doorstep to be filled up by yourself (or by two of our friendly storage professionals). Once your equipment is in place, they’ll take it away, remove the pod and place it into a secure warehouse where your contents will be stored until you let us know you’d like access. Whilst you’re storing your winter sports equipment, you could kill two birds with one stone and clear a little extra room at home using any additional pod space.

When ski season comes back around, simply give Kelly’s Storage a call and the pod will be brought back to you (even on a weekend) with everything stored exactly as it was when you put it away after your last holiday!

It couldn’t be easier to finally make the most of your space at home and ensure your equipment is kept in good order for your next trip. Once you’ve cleared some room you could make a study, playroom or even that high tech man-cave you’ve been wishing for a reality. The options will be endless once you’ve got your space back!