Sometimes you might think that we have a day or a week for every possible event or activity under the sun – National Frozen Food Day, No Socks Day and Hug an Australian Day are all planned into our calendar this year. But this year we recommend you get involved with National Spring Cleaning Week.

Taking place March 16-23, National Spring Cleaning Week is the perfect opportunity for you to get your feather duster out and fly round the house until everything is pristine and sparkling.

We’ve got the lowdown on which jobs you should tackle throughout the week, besides the usual dusting and hoovering chores, that will get your house so clean you’ll put TV experts Kim and Aggie to shame:

1. Declutter

A good old-fashioned spring clean is the perfect opportunity to clear out the unnecessary clutter in your home. It’s time for that broken coffee table you swore to fix and refurbish to go, as well as throwing away all those chipped mugs in the cupboards. Oh, and the exercise bike in the garage you bought a couple of years ago in a desperate attempt to get fit.

If you can’t bear to throw away or donate everything you are removing from your home, then talk to us about using one of our storage units to keep everything safe, until it is needed again.

2. Clean the oven

Two thirds of Britons admit that cleaning the oven is a job they avoid and we don’t blame them, it’s a real nuisance task but one that must be done. If you aren’t keen on those chemical cleaners or don’t believe the self cleaning function works on new ovens, then simply mix up baking soda and water into a paste, coat the inside of your oven and leave overnight.

The following day give the inside a good scrub with warm water, clean out all the paste (which has been breaking down all the built up grease overnight) and voila, you should have a pretty clean oven interior.

For the racks pop them in the bathtub and soak them in water and dishwasher powder overnight, give them a scrub the next day and they should look as good as new! Place racks on top of a towel when you leave them to soak, to stop them scratching the bath.

3. Wash the windows

We usually avoid washing our windows, so a spring clean is the perfect opportunity to get these done. Either hire a professional window cleaner or get the ladder out and don’t forget to open up the windows and clean in between the grooves because over winter these can get pretty dirty.

Use newspaper, instead of a cloth, to wipe the inside of your windows to avoid streaks.

4. Those hard to reach places

A spring clean is the perfect time to get behind the sofa, under the bed and even the back of the fridge to clean places that are normally ignored. You’ll be surprised – and a little disgusted – at how bad they are!

Use a tumble dryer sheet to wipe down skirting boards to pick up more dust and a feather duster to clean coving and ceiling lamps.

5. Boost your bed

We spend half our lives sleeping so it’s a good idea to spring clean your bed too. Hoover your mattress on both sides and clean the duvet, pillow and bed sheets. Get the duvet and pillows dry cleaned to ensure they are really fresh.

The idea of a spring clean is to tackle those tasks that you might not get round to every week. We all find time to quickly dust the sides and wipe round the toilet but not much else and that’s why that space behind the fridge is so horrifying when you eventually pull it out!