If you’re soon to have a furry addition to the family, it’s time to think about creating some space for this bundle of energy.

What a lot of prospective dog owners don’t realise is how much space their pooch will actually need. Yes it’s true, when they grow up some pooches like to take it steady 95% of their time, but in their early years as a pup, well that’s a different story.

Puppies and youthful dogs have periods of intense activity, no matter where they are. This means a lot of cute cuddles, knocking things down and eating the most inedible pieces of furniture, clothing and well anything in front of them.


(Credit: http://www.strategiesonline.net/repair-furniture-that-has-been-chewed-by-dog/)

Trouble is, training them is time consuming and they won’t understand ‘no’ until they’ve already broken and chewed through a few antiques and clothing.



And unfortunately, this isn’t an option forever.

So while these puppies grow and absolutely drown you with energy, you could think about making more space in your home for them to run around and delve into their new family home. Also, locking away your important items, antiques and family heirlooms while they become house trained may save you a lot of stress.

And when they are house trained like this fella.

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Or maybe just once they learn how to sit, then get your things back just the way you left them.