The boxes are packed. The van is loaded up. You and every friend and family member you could rope in to help have carried your belongings into your new home. Now what? After unpacking and decorating it’s time to get the finer details in order, such as notifying everyone who needs to know about your new address – and the list is much longer than you might think.

1. Friends and family

A direct message on Facebook or via text should get the job done or you can be a little more formal with a moving home card – though that means scrambling in boxes for your address book and spending a small fortune on stamps at the post office.

2. Your bank

Your bank or building society definitely needs your new details for their records and so they have a correct address for any correspondence they need to send to you.

3. The DVLA

You will need to change your address on both your driving license and your car’s V5C form, which will ensure the DVLA has the correct registered address for your vehicle and can send you those pleasant tax renewal reminders if you don’t pay by Direct Debit.

To amend your driving license, simply click here. To change the address on your V5C fill out section 6 with your new address, sign section 8 and then send the whole form to the DVLA. The address is DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BN.

4. Your car insurance

For your car insurance to cover you, your provider requires your current home address, simply because where you leave your car overnight can affect your insurance payments. Give them a call and amend your details, or you might even be able to amend it online.

5. Your energy suppliers

Your current energy supplier will need to know of your new address so it can start monitoring your usage. Give them a quick call.

6. Your place of work

Your place of work has a legal requirement to know your current address, just send your HR manager an email when you head in on the Monday morning after the move.

7. Your child’s school

For safety reasons, notify your child’s school of your new address, so they know where to send important letters and where to reach you in an emergency.

8. Your roadside recovery provider

If you have home start cover included in your roadside recovery plan you definitely need to amend your address with your provider, otherwise you could be left stranded on your driveway when they can’t locate you.

9. Subscription services

To ensure you continue receiving your magazines or monthly subscription boxes they’ll need your new address. Otherwise the new inhabitants of your previous home will enjoy a few freebies!

10. Council tax

Council tax prices change per area, so to be sure you’re paying the right amount let your local council know immediately.

11. Doctor/dentist

NHS services are like schools and only work in certain catchment areas. Get in touch with yours to notify them of your new address and they’ll let you know if you need to part ways and find a new surgery.

12. Mobile phone provider

Your network supplier needs to know if your address changes for their records. So they can send you six pages worth of long records of every text and phone call you’ve made each month if you haven’t opted to go paperless yet.

13. Electoral register

If you want to change your address you will need to sign up again to the electoral register. It only takes five minutes but make sure you have your National Insurance number to hand.

14. TV license

You don’t want to keep paying the TV license for your previous address, so get online and update those details to cover you when watching your favourite shows after those long days at work.

Phew, that’s a lot of people to notify! But the sooner it’s done the better, so why not dedicate an afternoon once you’ve moved to ensuring everything has been arranged and all relevant parties informed?