So you’ve made the decision to move abroad and an exciting new life awaits you. Have you decided to sell your home here in the UK or are you going to rent it out? Are you going to buy a new home or rent one whilst you find just what you’re looking for? And have you decided what you are going to do with all your possessions, that have taken a lifetime to collect?

At Kelly's Storage, we know that moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences of one’s life, especially when moving abroad. So we want to help by compiling the following few tips on how best to prepare for the big move.


Visas and health insurance

Visit the Foreign Office website for details of visa requirements and make sure you apply in plenty of time (if necessary). Make sure you have adequate health care provision with the right kind of health insurance for your needs. Bear in mind that the healthcare systems of other countries vary considerably to those of the UK.


Should it stay or should it go?

Now is the time to be ruthless and decide which items to take, which items to leave in storage and which items to throw out or recycle. Ask yourself if you need something when you first arrive or if it can wait until you've settled. If you don’t really need it then don’t pack it, (especially if you are going to temporary/rented accommodation when you first arrive) instead why not consider short/medium self storage in the UK?. You can then arrange for a reputable freight company to collect, export, wrap and transport your goods once you've settled and only take the essentials with you.

If you cannot decide what to keep and what should go, and are finding this decision stressful, then you can always choose to think about it later.

Kelly's Storage can help you by offering short, medium or long-term self-storage solutions at very reasonable rates, guaranteed for twelve months, with just a minimum booking of 4 weeks. With options to include collection, loading and packing, Kelly’s Self Storage makes storage easy!

Choosing a removal company

It’s important to use a reputable removal company as your belongings are going a long way without you. There are a large number of overseas removal companies, so do lots of research – don’t just pick the first one from the internet search engine results, as the difference in price and services offered can be enormous John Masons are both known for being polite, affordable and efficient.


Renting out your house

Should you rent out or sell your current home, have you even decided yet? Do you have the option, or do you need to release funds before you can truly be settled in your new life?

If you are considering renting it out, think about whether your best option is to use an agency to look after the rental or whether you can do it yourself? Doing it yourself could well be challenging, as you will be abroad and there are no guarantees on what your tenants will be like. Using an agency will incur a fee - usually about 15 percent of the monthly rent, but this could be money well spent as it should take a lot of potential stress away. Make sure you do your research here too, not all agencies are the same and not all will offer the same service. Make sure you consider things like (landlord) rental insurance and if you need to have this in place or if it could be covered under the contract with the agency. And don’t forget to settle all your utility bills before you leave!


Immerse yourself in the local culture and do your research

If you're moving somewhere with a different native language, book yourself some language classes! Although most people will be able to communicate in English, being able to at least try and talk the local language is by far the best way to really enjoy and immerse yourself in their culture, not to mention you’re likely to get a better welcome this way.

Classes can be a good way to meet people who might be in the same situation as you and you might also find there are language exchanges in your area, as there are lots of people who would love the chance to learn/improve their English and teach you their language in return.

When you arrive at your destination try to discover the places locals go for eating out and social events. Meeting local people is the best way to really get to know a new culture and absorb the language.

Join Facebook forums and ask plenty of questions:

Do you know of any Social Media groups that you could be helpful here? Please add in the comments section below any examples you know of, to help others in this situation!


Planning is the key to a successful move abroad:

Make a checklist of all the things you need to do

With number 1 being “Work out all the costs up front to avoid hidden surprises”; get quotes for all the services you will need (such as a free quote from Kelly's Storage).

Make a note of all useful and official contact details ahead of your journey and keep it to hand with your paperwork and check-list.

Make all the important decisions that can not wait

Chat with locals and expats, before you go and on your arrival, join forums and ask lots of questions

Now you’re prepared, so embrace your journey and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!