Storage space can be a sticky point for any business. As a small business, space is likely to be at a premium, especially if working from home or from rented office space that resembles a shoe box. Even as a large organisation, every inch of your premises is likely to be used. De-cluttering can help to streamline your business by making work processes more efficient. Reduce wasted time looking for paperwork or missing information, keep confidential information secure and reduce workplace accidents. A less cluttered workspace also means less distractions and less stress.

How to de-clutter?

The first step in de-cluttering your business space is to have a clearout. If you still don?t have enough storage space, consider self storage options. Because there are no business rates or utilities to pay on self storage, it can be more cost effective than paying for warehouse space or larger premises that accommodate your storage needs. Off-site storage is ideal for items that you don’?t need everyday access to, for example documents kept for a number of years for audit purposes, spare office furniture, or additional stock.

Kelly?s mobile self storage

Kelly’s Storage offer a solution that differs from most other self storage providers. Our mobile self storage is a time and labour effective option. We deliver a storage pod to your door for you to load at your convenience, or we can load and unload the pod for you. Kelly’s Storage even offer a packing service to let you get on with running your business.Once the pod is filled with all the items that you want to be stored, we take it away and keep it in our secure location until you need it returned.

Self storage is suitable for both short and long term storage. Perhaps you are moving office or are an expanding business that needs to use your current premises to it’s full potential for new employees? You could store items off-site temporarily until you are in larger premises when you would have room to have your storage pod delivered back to you. Kelly?s offers you access to your storage pod with 24 hours notice, making self storage a long term option.