The kitchen can sometimes become a war zone, especially if you only have a small space to work with. But if you implement just a few clever space-saving ideas you can make your cooking space a more harmonious place to be in. Here’s how:

First of all, de clutter and remove any unused appliances: If you’re trying to cut down on your energy bills and therefore aren’t using that costly tumble dryer you could only fit in the kitchen, then why not move it out to make room for something useful? You could use the extra space for a worktop breakfast bar or to store a wheeled storage trolley that holds all your jars.

You might not want to throw away or sell that tumble dryer though, and it could certainly come in useful one day. Instead, store it away until you eventually move somewhere bigger, or update your kitchen and find a different location for it. Talk to an expert, here at Kelly’s Storage, about moving your excess kitchen clutter into one of our handy storage pods – we’ll even deliver a pod for you to fill up and then we will take it back to our site to keep safe.

Handy magazine holders: Stick magazine holders onto the inside of cupboard doors to ensure tin foil and sandwich bags are easy to find.

Re use those tissue boxes: Have you just survived a case of the office lurgies? Then re use the finished tissue boxes to store the plastic shopping bags that seem to breed in the bottom drawer. You’ll also be able to pull out one bag at a time instead of 20.

Stick ’em up: Never scramble for sharp knives again in the cutlery drawer (it’s pretty dangerous), make the experience a pleasant one with a magnetic knife strip attached to the wall. Everything you need easily is in one place and away from little hands.

Just use magnets for everything: Magnetic spice containers are a great way of organising your herbs and spices and you can slap them onto the fridge door for easy access. You could also use magnets to stick wire baskets to the side of cupboards for easy storage of cookbooks or pretty tins.

Hooks: They’re not just for pirates. Hooks screwed on the inside of cupboard doors can help tidy away tea towels, rubber gloves, measuring cups, pots, pans, mugs – whatever you want hidden, really.

Hang your spray bottles: Pick up a tension rod and place this in your cupboard under the sink. By hanging your spray bottles of disinfectant and glass cleaner you can make more room on the actual shelf below for even more cleaning things.

So now you know just how to make more room and get things organised in your kitchen isn’t it time you got started?