Clutter – old paperwork, magazines, unused footwear, long redundant household items and so on. All of these things have a habit of hanging around our homes for far longer than is useful and it’s easy to see how clutter can build up. Before you know it, a once tidy area has become messy and unorganised.

There’s a quick way to banish this clutter – just throw it all away! But often, a lot of it still has some value and needs to be retained; just kept out of sight and stored safely until you need it again. Here are a few tips on how to keep clutter free:

You will probably find rooms which are particular hotspots in any house. The kitchen, possibly the busiest room in any home, is notorious for collating clutter. Keep work surfaces clear. Don’t allow dishes to mount up, ensure these are cleaned and put away. How much extra effort is it to place clean plates and cutlery in cupboards rather than letting them sit on the draining board? Have items that are used daily stored close to hand so they’re easy to retrieve, and put away afterwards.

Review your items regularly and dispose of duplicates. For example, over several years you have accumulated 20 mugs; eight of these are matching and the others are odd designs that have found their way into your home and stayed there. They are never used, so why are they still there? Move them on.

Sort through clothing. Look at your wardrobe. There’s a saying that we typically wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time – our favourite stuff. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should ditch 80% of your wardrobe but there will be items you haven’t worn for a while. Oh, that shirt you’re saving in case you’re invited to a Hawaian-themed fancy dress party? It’s been sitting there, unused and unloved, for two years now. That can be donated to charity.

Be ruthless with every item. What is it, and why is it in your home? Do you still need it? If not, recycle it or, if it has a value, consider selling it at a car boot sale or online to earn some extra pennies. If it’s something you don’t need every day but have to keep, find a way to store it securely until you do need it.

At Kelly’s Storage we have storage solutions to suit all requirements. Our range of boxes are particularly useful in providing order and organisation. Available in a range of sizes, the small version – ideal for books and ornaments – costs just £2.46 per box while the the large (excellent for cushions and blankets) is priced at £4.44. We also have a wardrobe box, which can be used to store clothes in an upright position, and document storage boxes.

Document storage boxes are perfect for bills, statements and letters which need filing and can be kept for future reference rather than being piled up on kitchen work surfaces. They can be stacked on top of each other and then perhaps moved to a loft or a garage and accessed swiftly if required. But they will be tidy and secure, and not cluttering up your house!

If you are looking at de-cluttering on a larger scale and want to move clutter completely away from your property, our Mobile Self Storage option is almost effortless. We’ll deliver a pod direct to your door so that you can load it up at your convenience, leave it with you either for a few hours or overnight and then collect it once loaded. It will then be taken away and stored, and you’ll have access to it whenever you need.

There you have it: if you want to lead a clutter free life, try implementing some of these solutions.