Decluttering before Christmas is always a good idea especially if you need to make room for guests staying over the festive period. Christmas is coming and parents across the land are starting to wonder where they are going to store all the presents their children will receive when it can often seem as if they haven't got enough space for things they already have.

Here are some decluttering tips for creating space at home and organising children's equipment to make the most out of your living space, so you can have a clutter-free Christmas!

1. Double-Duty Furniture

If your child or teenager has a small bedroom, make every item of furniture earn its place in terms of storage. Choose furniture that doubles up as storage such as ottoman beds and chests, which are great for storing toys, clothes and odds-and-ends.

The space under the bed can be used for boxes of toys. Hanging canvas shelves can be hung from a rail in a wardrobe or even from a hook on the back of a bedroom door and are brilliant for storing cuddly toys, clothes, accessories - you name it!

2. Don't Bother with Child-Sized Furniture

Child-sized furniture looks really cute but it has such a short life-span it is never really worth it - it is amazing how quickly your child will grow out of it! Choose adult sized furniture - it can easily be made fun and colourful by selecting duvet sets of your child's favourite character and then decorating the furniture with inexpensive but effective decals or wall stickers - these are great as you can easily peel them away with no mess when your child's tastes inevitably change, (and just change the bedding).

3. Make the Most of Wall and Even Ceiling Space

Walls are great for hanging pictures and also for storing toys. Make the most of shelves, placed at child height. Even the ceiling can be put to work when it comes to organising children equipment - look out for net toy hammocks, which are ideal for keeping rarely used cuddly toys out of the way.

4. How to Declutter your Home with the Help of Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are essential if you want to declutter toys, as they keep small parts together so your child can easily find them and play with them more effectively. Use transparent and robust boxes for building bricks, craft equipment, pens and pencils, and so on. Keep things tidy by making it part of the daily routine; even toddlers can help to put their toys back into the toy box. With a bit of thought, it is possible your children can have the best of both worlds; toys that they can easily access when they need them, and plenty of space to play.

5. Take Toys Out of the Bedroom

Most parents are keen for the living room to be a toy-free space, especially when the children have gone to bed, but there is a case to be made for allowing a few special toys, such as a large doll’s house, a board game or a keyboard to have a permanent home in the living room. Rotating toys - keeping some toys in the loft or garage and bringing them out occasionally - adds interest and is a good way of organising toys for toddlers.

6. Creating Sacred Space

Your home should be your sacred living space so it is worth putting some time and effort into organising your home. This is easier than you think, especially as there are so many things you can do, such as having regular clear outs - you can donate items to charity shops, or even make money by selling things on ebay.

7. Hiring Short-to-Medium Term Storage Solutions

If your child or teenager has grown out of expensive large items, such as a rocking horse or a toy kitchen, but you think they might be needed for a younger sibling or even grandchildren in a few years, there is another alternative to throwing them away.

Kelly's Storage Company offers a range of short-to-medium storage options and is a sensible and cost-effective solution to storing large items that aren't currently required. There is no need to re-purchase expensive items and you can relax knowing that they are safely stored until needed.

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We hope you have a lovely Christmas and find our tips useful. Enjoy the festive season!