Is your office space looking a little drab and out of date? Do you need some inspiration when it comes to updating and bringing it into the 21st Century?

First things first, are you using your space correctly? A cramped and overcrowded office is going to do nothing for your employees’ productivity and creative thought processes and while we’ve stepped away from cubicles of offices past, sometimes an open office plan is a hindrance as well.

Open office v closed concept

The open office concept is one that came in during the 1950s, to shake up the cubicle system. To be honest, neither is ideal. Bring your office space into the 21st Century by choosing to adopt a different approach in the form of ‘workspaces’ and mobile computing.

Offer a variety of places for people to work, from desks to sofas to comfy beanbags and then set up meeting areas for collaborative work. This will change the dynamic of your office space, making it a more diverse and enjoyable place to work.

Clear out

Start by clearing out any furniture you don’t need. This includes desks that aren’t needed and ancient filing cabinets. You don’t necessarily have to throw them away; talk to us about popping them in a storage unit to keep them safe and out of the way and if you do have room in the future simply move them back in.

Update your tech

Next you need to ensure your office is in keeping with the 21st century when it comes to technology. Monitors and computers need updating to ensure people can continue working effectively.

Balancing a monitor from the 80s on a pile of printer paper isn’t going to cut it these days. No, you don’t need to go out and buy ten Mac books but at least update your machines to the latest Windows system or new models altogether.

Sitting is the new smoking

You may have heard in the news that sitting at your desk all day is worse than taking up smoking. Eight hours a day of being immobile will have negative effects on your posture and can cause a range of serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. However, standing desks are expensive, so why not incorporate a breakfast bar style work area for those who want to stand for a while as they work?

Throw in some fun

The office doesn’t have to be that stuffy place, filled with people slumped over their desks in uncomfortable business attire when they are very rarely faced with clients. Bring in somewhere to take a ten-minute break. A ping pong table or a coffee station work well and won’t cost you too much.

You could also consider company events and meet ups outside working hours to improve relationships in the office; it will make things easier when it comes to working in a team. A summer and Christmas party or a round of drinks at the pub every month is a good way to bring everyone together.

Mix these things together and you have the perfect 21st Century office. If you’re feeling really inventive why not take some inspiration from the Workshop office in Kent, which has a slide installed between floors.