If your home is cluttered it can be stressful. Just looking at the mess around you can cause anxiety to build up, and not being able to find things is very frustrating.

Having cluttered surfaces is distracting; there is a lot for the eye to to take in. Decluttering can make it easier to relax by removing unnecessary visual stimuli. If you suffer from insomnia, a messy bedroom can be a contributing factor. Your
bedroom should be a calm and restful space where you can chill out and wind down ready for sleep.

For people who tend to hoard items and are not naturally tidy, the build up of clutter can become overwhelming. The mess can build up over time until it becomes out of control. At this point, it is difficult to know where to start.

The key is to start small. Break your seemingly mammoth task into bite size chunks. If sorting one room per weekend is too much, why not focus on one cupboard? Completing this one task will give you a great sense of achievement and
may spur you on to keep going.


A cluttered bedroom can cause a cluttered mind, stopping you from drifting off into a restful sleep. The first place to start is your wardrobe. Get everything out and sort it into piles: keep, sell, bin and charity shop.

If you haven?t worn clothes or a pair of shoes for a year, do you really need to keep them? If you have items that were expensive and have got plenty of wear left in them, why not sell them? Other items that you might not want anymore could easily do someone else a turn, so donate them to your local charity shop. 

Is your keep pile is still too big for everything to comfortably fit in the wardrobe?  Why not store seasonal items elsewhere, perhaps in the loft or under the bed. Now you?ve reduced your clothing clutter you can put everything back in the wardrobe in an organised way. You could sort by type or by colour, whatever works for you. Now should be able to clear your floor-drobe and put everything away in its rightful place.

Kitchen and bathroom

Remove appliances that you no longer need or use from your work surfaces. Clearing your surfaces will make it easier to keep them clean, which is more hygienic.

Living room

Make your living room a relaxing place to spend time as a family. Do you have overstuffed bookcases that are bursting at the seams? Have a sort through your books, CDs and DVDs and take unwanted items to charity shops or do a boot fair. For smaller items, buy some attractive storage boxes to keep them together and out of sight.

How can Kelly?s Mobile Self Storage help?

If you really can?t bear to throw some items away, or you don?t have the room to store seasonal items, why not put them in storage? Our innovative mobile self storage offering is a hassle-free option. We bring a storage pod to you, you fill it up and then we take it away to store in our warehouse. When you want your items back, simply give us a ring and we?ll return your pod. We have locations across England, including Guildford, which cater for all your self storage needs.  Get a free, no obligation self storage quote today.