Selling your house can often be a stressful, time consuming and frustrating experience. When you have to consider a range of factors including estate agent fees, renewing contracts and contacting all of the relevant people, the potential lack of storage can easily slip your mind. We all know that the last thing any prospective buyer wishes to see is an over cramped and crowded room. This can impact the decisions of even the keenest of buyers. Rooms may look smaller, it may be harder to visualize how the space will be utilised and so forth.

Our unique mobile self storage is a service whereby storage pods are delivered straight to your door. Large, unused and unnecessary items can then be loaded, creating more space to wow your prospective buyers. Once loaded (we can help with this), we'll pick up your pod and take it back to our secure storage facility until you next require the items. We can even have your items delivered to a different location. Below, we've explored more reasons you might wish to take advantage of self storage to help sell your property.

Sell Your Home Using Self Storage

Want to sell your house for more money?

When the time comes for your house valuation, it can often be a nerve wracking process for homeowners. We all aim to sell our house for more money than we originally paid for it, but understanding what could impact this is key. Traditional tips often include gardening and outdoor maintenance, laying some cheap but new carpet (especially if you have pets), adding a lick of paint and even leaving the driveway empty to enhance space perceptions. These house valuation tips have all been known to increase the overall value of the property. More recent tactics even include baking homemade cakes to welcome viewers as they walk through the door, creating a homely feel. Like the above examples, using temporary self storage to remove large and intrusive objects can certainly contribute towards selling your house for more money. It may even help you de-clutter in the long run, meaning when the time for moving comes around - you'll have less to pack and move!

Want to sell your house faster?

As soon as we decide it is time to sell and move on somewhere new, the idea of selling your house fast becomes a reality. It's a process that we all wish was quicker than it usually is. Many of us have been subject to countless viewings, with no firm offers and having to spend time preparing for each and every one. So how can you help your chances of a quick sale using self storage? There are many factors that could contribute to your house selling faster, but only a handful that you have the power to influence. By creating a minimalistic feel, you can help to influence a buyer's perception of your for sale property, allowing rooms to feel lighter, larger and enabling viewers to imagine how they would adapt the room to suit their own personal tastes and preferences. Whether it is the spare bedroom, the kid's playroom or the utility room, de-cluttering rooms will attract buyers to visualise what the property would look like if they were to be living there. Making minor house amendments and repairs including the smallest of jobs can also help. Try fixing door handles, filling picture holes and replacing broken tiles. You want the buyer to see the property has been well looked after. These little changes can speed up the rate at which your house sells by allowing buyers to make a quicker decision, with the confidence that the house they are moving to has been maintained to a high standard.

Fed up because your house is still for sale?

If your house has been on the market for a long period of time, you may feel frustrated and deflated. Adding to the stress of selling and moving. It will hold up your next move, and means you may miss out on a property that you have seen for sale. If you think that you have done all that you can to influence a sale, or perhaps don't have the time or money to make improvements to your existing property, self storage may be a quick and temporary solution for you.

Self storage facilities were created with convenience in mind and are a great way to make your property more appealing. If you are struggling for time, our mobile self storage may be the answer. We'll deliver a pod to your door, we can help you pack and load, and we'll securely store your posessions until you are ready. This means you can rid your property of any unwanted belongings that could be holding up a potential sale. Perhaps you can clear the spare room, or maybe store your large sports equipment that lives in the hall way? There are many simple options for encouraging more views and hopefully a purchase. Following a little de-clutter, a quick once over and a spring clean can go a long way towards selling your property.

Wish house viewings were less stressful?

House viewings can often be stressful, especially when they come in abundance. It's all part and parcel of selling your house. However, you should consider it as a rewarding and exciting part of the moving process. To make house viewings less stressful, a top tip is to always request 24 to 48 hour notice period from your agent prior to any potential house viewings - this ensures that you feel confident in the way that your house looks for potential buyers and that there is adequate time to prepare. Planning ahead is the key to successful and stress free house viewings, as after all you have still got to live you life as normal! Make sure you tell your agent the times and days that you would ideally welcome viewings and secondly make it clear to your agent that you will only allow serious buyers to view your property.

You can visit our self storage services page to find out more about how we can help with your next house sale.