Storage. To some students it’s a dirty word that means shoving all your belongings in boxes carefully held together by tape and old suitcases your Dad found at the back of the loft. To others it means simply hauling those boxes that you never unpacked back into your parent’s car.

You don’t have your own space back home anymore

That’s right, as soon as your parents returned home from dropping you off at your halls they ran upstairs, immediately redecorated your room and moved anything you left into a spare cupboard or up into the loft.

Your old room is now the ‘guest room’ and features a fancy bed spread (that your mum swaps for an old one when you return home) and a posh new dressing table with tiny toiletries – that will never be used – carefully lined up on it.

This also means there’s minimal space to put your stuff, so when those long summer holidays roll around you have to either leave pretty much everything at your student house or pay for self storage (which shouldn’t be too much of a problem if there’s one of our units located nearby).

You can easily fill up a car (probably two) with your stuff

Who knew you had so many books? Or could accumulate so much general clutter over the course of a year? And you can’t possibly throw any of it away; you need that giant inflatable hammer…and that lei garland…and the straw hat from that impromptu beach party, forever.

Taking stuff home on the train is much harder than it looks

Let’s say you don’t fancy storing everything you own at your student house and want to bring it all home. Well, good luck carrying five bags, a rucksack and wheeling a suitcase behind you onto the train. Then finding somewhere to sit for the journey.

Sadly, this is the state of affairs for those students who decided to move up to Scotland for University (from their home in Cornwall) and then discovered that their parents refused to drive for nine hours to collect them and a car full of stuff.

 If you leave certain items they definitely won’t be there when you get back

If you decide to store your DVD collection, half drunk bottles of alcohol or even dinner plates at your student accommodation while you’re not there it will be discovered by those housemates who never go home and will be used.

Don’t panic. Whatever your situation, there’s a storage solution for you out there, whether that means placing everything in one of our units for a few months or bringing it back home to clutter up your parent’s house!