Relocating your business is not a decision to take lightly, considering all the preparations involved; ensuring your workforce are happy with the move and getting that cumbersome photocopier down the stairs… but sometimes you just have to brave it in order to move on to the next phase of progress.

Why might you decide to relocate your business? Here are five reasons…


If you’re running out of space to seat people then it’s probably time to seek out new pastures – two people sharing one desk and practically sitting on top of each other is not going to make the working day any easier! More space means happier staff, the capacity to grow in the future – oh, and room for a Ping-Pong table, perhaps.


A town centre location can make all the difference to a business. You can usually reach the train station with ease for those important meetings in London and most city centres are serviced by good public transport links so staff can get into work without worrying about the cost of a car. More importantly, a city centre location is a staff-pleaser, enabling employees to fully enjoy their lunch break with shops and other amenities close to hand.

Business location can also have an impact on who you hire. A central location might mean you can take on that perfect candidate who lives a 30-minute train journey away, whereas before they would have found it difficult to reach you on that remote business park on the outskirts of town. Town centre locations are expensive, but worth it in the long run.

Access to new customer bases

If your office is based somewhere hard to access or the business neighbourhood has recently deteriorated, causing a lull in customers; then it’s a good idea to look into a new business location.

Do your research first, you don’t want to move next door to a competitor. Choose a location that makes sense to your business and where you can reach out to new customers or invite clients in for meetings easily.

Reducing costs

If you’ve downsized on the employee and work front and so don’t require all those empty desks, then relocating is a good idea. Plus it will boost morale. A ghost office is never a pleasant environment to work in, so you’ll see better results from your employees after a move.

If you think you might grow again in the future then you can store those spare desks away in one of our secure pods – or use our mobile self storage service and load a pod up at your office for us to take away.

Brand image and facilities

A new, snazzy office location can be just the thing to increase business – because those first impressions with clients count. Newer offices also mean better facilities; a canteen, male and female toilets, or showers, and many even offer cleaning services for an extra cost so no more scrubbing those tea cup stains off the desks on a Friday evening!

Whatever your reason for relocating, you need somewhere secure to store your larger items until they are needed. So browse our range of storage solutions, decide on the right one for you and call us for a quote today!