Whether you moved into your room at University in September or you are planning to move away at the end of this year, it’s important that you make your new living space feel like home and here are some great tips on how to do so:

1. Refresh your memory

In this digital age many of us don’t have photographs printed off and in frames, so make a point of getting your hands on some hard copies of your favourite snaps and sticking these around your new room. The familiar faces of your friends and family all around you should help you feel right at home.

2. Smells good

Your sense of smell is one of the most important for recreating memories, so if your Mum has always used the same air freshener or washing powder take these to your halls with you and you’ll feel at home whenever you spray your room to get rid of that stale pizza smell or actually get round to washing your clothes.

3. Unpack!

There are lots of students who go to Uni with boxes and boxes of stuff but never actually unpack. If you can relate then you probably don’t need whatever is in those unopened boxes you’re currently using as a table.

Get in touch and we will hook you up with a storage unit to keep your belongings safe while you’re away from home. We’ll even bring a mobile unit to you to fill up, so you don’t need to go anywhere!

4. Light it up

Fairy lights are the easiest way to add a cosy feel to any room. Pick some up – they’re readily available from several retailers – and drape them around your headboard or on a shelf.

5. No more magnolia

If you’re worried about marking the walls but still want something decorative on them why not use washi tape or an easy to remove wall sticker and add a little personality to that blank magnolia space?

6. Green fingers

You might not be one for gardening but having a houseplant in your room can really make the space feel more like home. Whether you opt for a practically undying air plants or a large Peace Lily, something green can really help enhance the space.

7. Home comforts

Make sure you have everything your Mum would usually stock at home. From plasters and ibuprofen to toilet roll and cotton wool, if you have these things on hand you won’t feel lost.

8. Plumped up

Cushions are an easy way of changing the look of a room and can be easily scattered on your bedspread – when you’re not sleeping/napping in it of course. Pick up some attractive designs, pop them on the bed and you should instantly feel more at home.

9. Stay snug

Bed linen itself is another great way of capturing your personality in your room and you can pick up a few for reasonably low prices to change every couple of weeks. Cuts down the washing and nothing beats the feeling of crisp, new linen!

10. Lay it down

A simple rug can brighten up any space (and hide those horrible brown scratchy carpets they seem to use in every University). It will also help you avoid staining the carpet in any way and losing your deposit!

Try out one or two of these tips (or all at once) and your room will feel so comfortable and comforting that it seem like home in no time at all.