The ever increasing desire for instant access to information has seen a boom in businesses investing more of their budget in digital document conversion or scanning as we know it more commonly.

We understand every business can have a different requirement from their data so at Kelly’s Storage we take the time to listen to you before designing a comprehensive digital conversion program for you.

We will look at the drivers behind wanting the paper converted into digital formats; whether it be a space issue; a need to reduce storage volumes or perhaps a desire for more efficient collaborative working.

We will look at what data you need to have access to at the touch of button so we better understand the indexing requirements you may have. You may want just one or two key pieces of data indexed against the images or you may desire full OCR (optical character recognition) meaning you can search on any of the text present throughout the document.

We will take our time to understand the variety of documents you may need scanning from till receipts to large scale architectural drawings.

We will also need to understand how you plan to work with the data and in what format – will you look to work with images through a cloud based solution or perhaps you have an internal document management system already?

But we don’t just listen, we will also advise.

Many businesses initially look to take a “scan everything” approach. But once we understand your requirements better we will be able to design an approach that will see the most business critical data and documents prioritised within the program of conversion, helping the service to remain cost effective and highly efficient for you and your business.

As with all our services, security and compliance is at the very forefront of this service as well. Using software that conforms to UK Government security standards relating to data encryption and storage you will be safe in the knowledge that key sensitive information cannot be accessed or misused when your staff share the information internally or online.

Physical management of the scanned documents whilst in our care is also just as important to us. Our facilities boast a multitude of security features and all our staff have been fully CRB checked. Businesses across all sectors from finance to legal, from pharmaceuticals to construction, use our scanning services.

Whether you are looking for a real-time scanning solution such as a digital mailroom or need bulk scanning of legacy material, Kelly’s Storage will work closely with you to design a conversion program that fits and works for you.

With our document scanning service, you can benefit from:

  • Instant document access anywhere in the world any time of day (or night)
  • Reduction in costs of retrieval and access of frequently accessed documents
  • Improve collaborative working arrangements to generate greater operational efficiency
  • Protect sensitive data whilst making it accessible to end users
  • Tailored systems that connect and work with your existing infrastructure


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Document Indexing

Simply tell us how many documents or files you would like collected and indexed. The electronic files will then be available to be requested whenever needed.

Document Scanning

Individual files can be requested either as electronic or paper copies. Using our online management system you can request on-demand scanning or bulk scanning of any files required so you only pay for what you use. These electronic versions are then available for instant access anywhere in the world 24/7.

Complete Information Management

Access to documents is easy using our online management system. This secure system allows authorised users to search and retrieve both physical and imaged items, 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Read more...

Retrieval & Collection

Whether you require regular or emergency collections of deliveries, our services can be tailored to suit your needs.

Secure Facilities

Storage off-site means you can make the most of your valuable office space. Our facilities are secured using the latest intruder and fire detection systems. Read more...

Secure destruction

Setting review dates using the online management system allows you to manage your information from your desk.


"We have little time to manage our records so we rely heavily on Kelly's systems and services to manage our records efficiently. It's great to have a consistently high level of service and one point of contact that doesn't change every 6-8 months!"

Partner, Alliotts Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors