Keeping your valued information safe and accessible. Secure data storage is becoming an increasingly contentious issue and in many cases organisations are required to ensure the data they hold is kept in a suitably responsible manner.

Furthermore, data such as back-up discs and tapes may be mission-critical to an organisation, which computer security experts and insurance risk assessors recommend should be transferred and stored off-site as a matter of course. Which is where we come in.

Protecting Storage Media

The shelf life of all data storage media can be significantly affected if it is stored in an adverse environment. Our facilities are temperature and humidity controlled to ensure the longest possible data integrity.

Fire protection and suppression

Normal water or foam based fire-fighting systems are as dangerous to data storage media as fire itself. Our INERGEN fire suppression system uses an inert gas that extinguishes fire without damaging storage media in any way.

Security and control

Your data is delivered and collected in purpose-built protective cases that are loaded, sealed and catalogued by you before being stored. Alternatively, individual tapes, drives and discs can be bar code registered and tracked on our own database.

Highest Security

Exceptionally sensitive data that requires the highest level of security and protection can be stored in our purpose built data-vault.


Complete Information Management

Access to data is controlled through a bespoke secure online management system. This system allows authorised users to search and retrieve items, 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Read more...

Secure Storage

Each centre boasts 24/7 CCTV and alarm monitoring, temperature and humidity controlled environments and state of the art fire protection and suppression systems. All staff are vetted by an independent external agency to BS7858 (2006) standards - a process that is repeated throughout their employment. Read more...

Retrieval & Collection

2 hour emergency recovery windows prove vital in business critical moments €œ guaranteed by our strategically located centres.

Secure Destruction

Input the review date for information placed off-site, and our management system will automatically report when that date arrives. Authorised Account Administrators can then order the secure destruction online and once completed a Certificate of Destruction is supplied to enable a complete audit trail.


"We have little time to manage our records so we rely heavily on Kelly's systems and services to manage our records efficiently. It's great to have a consistently high level of service and one point of contact that doesn't change every 6-8 months!"

Partner, Alliotts Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors