Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1 - How does mobile storage work?

Mobile storage is the easiest way to store your goods. We deliver storage containers to your door, you fill them up or we fill them up for you. Once ready we will transport your goods back to our secure warehouse and redeliver when you need them. 

How big are your storage units?

Our storage units are 35 square feet each. This is approximately 7ft high x 7ft deep x 5.2ft wide.

Click here to see what you can store in a 35 square foot unit.

Can I access my units?

Yes, you can access your goods Monday - Saturday just give us 48 hours' notice so we can get the unit ready for you. 

What are your opening times?

Phone Lines

Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 17:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 15:00pm

Sunday: Closed


Monday - Friday: 8:00am - 16:30pm

Saturday: 9:00am - 15:00pm

Sunday: Closed

Are my goods insured?

Insurance is required to store with Kelly's. You will be prompted during the quote/booking process to tell us the value of your goods. 

Please see below our three insurance options, if the value of your goods exceeds our highest option please speak with your sales adviser. 

£2,000 = £2.00 per week

£5,000 = £5.00 per week

£10,000 = £10.00 per week 

We do recommend our loading service as we cannot be liable for damage that comes about as a result of the way you packed the storage unit. 

Can I use my own or a third party insurance?

Yes, in many cases household insurance may cover your goods while in store, please check with your insurer.

Please note that we will need written confirmation that your goods are covered by a third party. Failing to do so will result in your goods being insured at £5,000 by us. 

Are there any hidden extras?

No, there are no hidden fees. 

All of our prices include VAT and there are no additional fees for padlocks, keycards, or different rates based on ease of access. 


Do you increase your storage prices?

No, one of the benefits of using Kelly's is our fixed price guarentee. You can store with us for as long as you need and we will not increase the price.

What is your service collection area and where are you based?

We have two main warehouses, the catchment areas of these warehouses can be seen on this location page

How can I cancel my booking and will I be charged?

You can cancel the collection or delivery of your goods up until 15:00pm the day before we are due to arrive.

Please call the office on 0800 1077 250 to cancel your booking. 

If you cancel before 15:00pm the day before you will not incur a cancellation charge. 

If you cancel after 15:00pm or on the day of your booking you will be charged the cost of the transport package you selected. 

Do you collect at weekend?

We do on Saturdays, yes!

Will you deliver my units back to a different address?

Yes, we can deliver your goods back to any address within our catchment area. 

If you require your goods to be delivered to an address outside of our catchment area we can still help. Call the office on 0800 1077 250. 

Do I need to reserve a storage unit in advance?

We strongly recommend you reserve a storage unit or collection of your goods as far in advance as possible. 

There is no deposit so you can reserve as far in advance as you need. 

What do I need to pay in advance?

Nothing, unless you have ordered packaging materials.

You will be invoiced for the collection and storage of your goods after they arrive into store. 

If you have placed an order for packaging materials these will need to be paid for in advance. 

If I select we collect, you load how long is the unit left at my home?

2-3 hours or we can leave it with you overnight.

If you need longer please speak with a sales adviser on 0800 1077 250.

Can I get a long-term storage discount?

Yes, you can!

You will be prompted to select a payment plan through the quote/booking process. Please see our long-term discounted plans below.

1 Month Rolling

Perfect if you are unsure on how long you need storage for. We will invoice you monthly and can vacate the unit whenever you need to.

6 Months - 10% discount

If you select this option you will be tied into a 6-month storage (26 weeks) period from the day your storage starts. Once the 26 weeks end you can vacate the storage unit whenever you need to.

12 Months - 15% discount

If you select this option you will be tied into a 12 month (52 weeks) storage period for the day your storage starts. Once the 52 weeks end you can vacate the storage unit whenever you need to. 

What is the maximum length of time I can store for?

There is no maximum length. 

What is the minimum length of time I can store for?

There is no minimum length of time you can store with Kelly's, but that is subject to a 4-week minimum charge. 

You can indeed come out of storage during the 4 weeks, but the 4-week rental price will still apply. 

I want my goods back, how much notice do I have to give?

For redelivery of your items please allow a minimum of 7 days notice but this is subject to availability. 

During the summer months we are extremely busy so please give us as much notice as possible. 

How do I pay for re-delivery?

Redelivery is to be paid upfront once you have booked delivery of your goods. 

Please note that you will be unable to book delivery of your goods if the payment has not been processed. 

How much weight do your units hold?

Our 35sq ft storage units have a weight limit of one tonne.

What payment options are available?

Direct debit, MasterCard, Switch, Electron and Delta cards are our preferred methods of payment. 

We do not accept American Express.

Will I need to organise parking?

Yes, our storage units are delivered in a trailer that will fit on a normal driveway.

If you are worried at the access to your property please call us on 0800 1077 250.

What time will my unit arrive?

Customers will be advised by text message the evening before their delivery of an accurate delivery time. 

Please note that drivers may be held up due to unforeseen circumstances like heavy traffic and may arrive slightly later than expected. 

If this does happen, our driver will call you and keep you informed. For this reason, we do ask our customers not to arrange their storage for the day of completion on a house sale. 

Can someone access my unit on my behalf?

If you wish to allow friends, family members, or a third party to access your unit we will require permission from you to confirm this. 

Please note that for your protection, Kelly's will require suitable proof of identity from the person accessing the unit(s) or they will be turned away.

Will my goods get damp or mouldy?

Our units are kept inside our purpose built warehouses at all times.

Whilst in store, we will only remove a unit from our warehouse should a customer require access which can take place under cover. At no time will any unit be left exposed to bad weather. 

What does your "Self Storage only" package include?

Our self storage only package does not include any of our collection services. 

You will be required to deliver the goods to us within our working hours. 

What does your "We collect, You load" package include?

This package includes the collection of your goods. We will deliver a storage unit to your property and leave it with you for 2-3 hours while you load your goods inside. Once finished we will transport the goods back to our warehouse.

What does your "We Collect, We Load" package include?

Our we collect, we load package includes the collection of your goods and our removal crew will do the heavy lifting for you on arrival. 

Please note that you will be required to pack your smaller items into boxes and dismantle items prior to our arrival.

If you are interested in a packing service or need things dismantled please call us on 0800 1077 250.

Will you dismantle my items?

Yes, however, this is charged as a premium. 

Please call us on 0800 1077 250 for more information.

Do you provide a packing service?

Yes, however, this is charge as a premium.

If you need help packing smaller items into boxes please call us on 0800 1077 250 for more information. 

Can I get a discount?

Yes. The longer you store with Kelly's the cheaper the price, below are a list of our current live discounts.

6 months commitment - 10% off

12 months commitment - 15% off 

Family & friends discount - 25% off 

NHS discount - free collection 

Refer a friend - £25 off your first invoice