A complete document storage solution that works for you

We’re here to ensure your documents are secure and your business is compliant so you can concentrate on running and growing your business. Our document storage service includes a support team who are accessible 24/7, secure transport of your documents by vetted, highly trained drivers, and an emergency recovery service for when you really need important documents back on your desk quickly. You stay in control of your documents anytime, anywhere, with our secure online portal.

Why choose Kelly's?
Every business must work within specific industry guidelines for managing documents and data. Partnering with Kelly’s ensures compliance is achieved throughout the life of all records in storage with us, accompanied by a transparent audit trail from creation to secure destruction. Our highly trained drivers ensure you get the documents you need, when you need them. Our emergency recovery service is also available for when you really need that important file back on your desk in just a few hours. We built our online portal to give you complete control with no compromise on security or efficiency. Retrieve, return, scan or destroy your files using our secure online portal, 24/7, from anywhere in the world.
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